Electronic Safety Systems
When you want a smart, reliable Emergency Shutdown System, one that tells you why you shutdown, one that gets you back on line faster, one that saves you money, and provides greater flexibility, your best choice is the ALANN IV.

The ALANN IV is a microprocessor-based unit with eight input channels connected to individual field sensor devices that tell you why you shutdown. When an alarm is detected, its corresponding LED flashes continually and the ALANN IV proceeds with the shutdown. Any subsequent alarm will present its LED in a steady "on” condition. The ALANN IV is expandable in eight channel increments to monitor more end devices.

Get back on line faster as the ALANN IV points you in the direction of the cause of the shutdown. Using simple, reliable end devices, and good quality direct burial cable, 
you eliminate costly stainless steel pneumatic pilots and multiple tubing runs as well as expensive downtime looking for reasons why you are shutdown. When you want to 
operate from a remote location, the versatile ALANN IV can easily accept a radio or 
satellite signal to safely shutdown.

Features and Benefits:
  • Solar powered
  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • Intrinsically safe current and voltage levels
  • One channel configurable to provide low voltage alarm / shutdown
  • First out indication standard capability
  • Audible alarm alerts operator to abnormal conditions
  • Supervised wiring to confirm field wiring integrity
  • Unit can be configured to operate with magnetically latched or continuously energized solenoid valves
  • Input circuits are protected from transient voltages generated by field equipment, electrical storms, etc.
  • Cost effective installation with reliable, off-the-shelf pressure / level, temperature sensors, and end devices




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