Who We Are
Dupre' Energy Services (DES) is a portfolio of oil field service companies that consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers. We build relationships for life. DES' ability to provide certified, world-class services across the US will enable you to meet your critical need of serviceability at the rig when you need it, not just in case, just in time. Serviceability can be measured by the quality of equipment rented, the quality of services provided, and the timely provisioning to your needs—every day.

DES is the best in energy service business as measured by our customer's KPIs. We are positioned to provide the highest quality services in our industry with the capital to expand those services, both geographically and at the rig site, where our customers and the industry need a trusted, responsive, quality-based supplier. DES is a company you can trust to provide the most responsive, highest quality, personal service from the rig to the office—every day.

Location: Headquartered in Houston, Texas
Number of Employees: 480+
Experience: 1975
Business Units:
  • Diverse Scaffold Solutions
  • KSW Oilfield Rental
  • Pro-Tek Field Services



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